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My State of Anarchy

Rarefied place of extreme beauty, regulated by surprising harmony and populated by men developed in their entire essence as individuals, who have found in themselves  that wonderful balance between aggression and love, who have managed to harmonize the vital forces of their being.

Balance and Harmony are, in my opinion, reflection of perfection because they allow to reconcile opposites and to live and develop them together in one essence that is the Whole.

Man and the society that has achieved this state of “dynamic reconciliation of parties” that can be considered perfect.

The State of Anarchy is for the anarchist a state in which AUTHORITY IS NOT REQUIRED ‘, ie the state in which no man feels the need to dominate others and where there are no hierarchies, not because “all men are created equal”, but because all of them are infinitely different.

Being able to accept that that is different is of paramount importance in the growth of the individual towards the achievement of balance and harmony, to be aware that diversity need not be necessarily quantified or qualified for better or worse, but may simply be respected and accepted, is a key step towards the conquest individual and collective respect, and even love between men, the primary condition for anarchy.

Our current society is divided into sheep and shepherds. This is what is said too often, that it is divided between the masses and the apparent false balance and leaders who hold the power and enactment of the laws of culture, morality, politics and so on.

In the anarchist view all men, through a process of knowledge of themselves and exchange between the rich and constructive minds, try growing in a harmony that allows them to live together and above all, allows to open the inner eye, beyond the narrow confines of their own individuality, and to survey the world and its diversity.

Freedom of every person ends where the freedom of another man begins.

In the anarchical state that does not make sense because the freedom of every individual begins where the freedom of others begins, it  finds its confirmation and its extension to infinity: the anarchic freedom is unlimited because it is the freedom of everyone that has no limits, it is freedom through solidarity, triumphing over brute force and the principle of authority.

On the lawn of the anarchist society do not graze more sheep, but there are now only shepherds or rather, since there aren’t  more sheep, there are only MEN walking through the grass.

I am a dreamer and (perhaps not coincidentally) also an anarchist.
But in the rare times of self-reflection and consciousness, I also know that anarchy is a Utopia.

The most beautiful, amazing and astonishing of the Unreachable Islands.

Why then scramble for something that so no one will ever even in Touch.

The answer is that “research is more important that the possession of the Truth” (Schelling).

Here’s to the hope that the journey, vagrancy, research, growth, learning are thousands of times more sublime and human than the achievement of the goal.

We will never actually see the harmonious development of all human beings. But it is in the tendency to perfection on the road to anarchy that the infinite growth of man lies, together with his balance with his inner world. .

G. Landauer: “The State is a condition, a certain relationship between human beings, a mode of human behavior. We destroy it by creating other relationships, by behaving differently…”

Emancipation is only possible for those who are preparing within them to leave Capitalism, who quit  playing a role and start to become Human Beings “.

The real purpose of man is the highest and proportionate development of his faculties, up to the point where this is to be made a whole.

For this development, freedom is the first and necessary condition

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