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The new school year in Gaza is not the same for all the children of the world

It started the new school year in the places devastated by war, hopes for a year of peace

10695408_1468982313380133_1275915554_nStart a new school year for students in Gaza. Five hundred pupils came back to the schoolroom.Few institutions in Gaza City and Khan Younis haven’t been damaged during the operation of the israelian troups and still less those reconstructed. The new classes will accommodate up to sixty pupils. Many of whom have lost friends, family and often their homes.
Seventeen institutions of the United Nations are still uninhabitable.

First day of school for students of Damascus, Syria. Where the ministry has given special courses for teachers preparing them to deal with the crisis, emergencies and psychological support of pupils.

“I am of Homs. But I started four years because my school has been destroyed, “said a student Syrian” So I joined here because I want to study to become an engineer. “”I want to go to school every day. In the morning, evening, summer, winter and even in the fall. And even if it’s sunny or snowing. I want to go there forever … .because is beautiful, “said another young student of Damascus.

In just one year were more than 800 Syrian children killed and four thousand schools destroyed by the bombing of the Syrian army, especially in the vicinity of Aleppo and Raqa, one in the hands of the rebels and the other militants of the Islamic State

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